Danny phantom episode 1

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Danny Phantom, Season 1

"Danny Phantom" Mystery Meat (TV Episode ) - IMDb

Danny Phantom is an American animated superhero television series that ran on Nickelodeon from April 3, to August 24, Danny also faces the typical challenges of a high school student while attempting to keep his ghost half a secret, except from his best friends, Sam Manson and Tucker Foley, and later his sister, Jazz. As the show progresses, his ghostly abilities continue to develop and grow much stronger, and he gradually learns to control them. A month has passed since Danny Fenton's exposure to his parents' Ghost Portal turned him into a human-ghost hybrid.

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It's a ghostly good time with season 1 of Danny Phantom. Join Danny in his battle against the school Lunch Lady, who transforms into a foot pile of mystery meat Cheer Danny on as he defends the nerds and geeks against the school bully And help Danny stop Technus, ghost master of technology, from taking over every computer in the world.
Danny has recently gained ghostly powers and is still learning to use them. Sam has convinced the school to change its lunch menu to one that suits her ultra-recyclo-vegetarian tastes, angering both other students and a ghostly lunch lady. The episode starts with Jack explaining ghost hunting to his son, Danny, and Danny's friends, Sam and Tucker , in the lab basement. While Jack is showing off his inventions and explaining how they work or do not work , the Fenton Ghost Portal mysteriously opens, releasing two ectopuses.