Flexibility exercises for older adults

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Daily activities like standing up from a chair and getting in and out of bed become increasingly difficult. These limitations are often caused by a decline in muscle strength and flexibility. Flexibility is the ability of the muscles and tendons to lengthen and stretch in response to movement and allow a joint to move through its range of motion. A good stretching program is important to incorporate into your daily routine to help maintain flexibility. Stretches for the neck, arms, back, hips, and legs will help maintain flexibility as the years pass by, keeping you limber for all life has to offer.

8 best stretching exercises for adults over 50

5 Stretches for Older Adults

Fitness trainer Joel Harper says as we age we are more likely to have tight muscles, which can pull on our bones and other skeletal structures, making us feel stiff, out of whack and more. How often and what should you stretch? Here are five stretches older adults can try:. How to do it: Stand with your feet comfortably apart and interlace your hands behind your back. Let your hands fall down near your tailbone with the knuckles pointing down. Look straight ahead and maintain soft arms. Then gradually lift your arms as far away from your tailbone as you can.

Stretching Exercises for Seniors to Improve Mobility

Stretching exercises help reduce stress , improve flexibility and just generally help us all the way around. Stretching can also reduce stress, improve mood and just generally make you feel better, says Jacque Crockford, exercise physiologist with the American Council on Exercise ACE. Stretching is the same, doing it daily will help you feel better, but you can also do it when your muscles feel tight or body feels off. They are easy, effective, and great for any adults over 50 who are looking to stretch.
Explore expert recommendations on strength training for seniors: ensuring your residents areactive, engaged, and living to their fullest potential - with HUR. Welcome to the new age ofstrength. As we age, daily activities like standing up from a chair and getting in and out of bed can become increasingly difficult.