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Sex, drugs, murder, profanity. Aside from making points of reference for a drinking game, there are legitimate reasons that filmmakers are attracted to R-rated material. When done correctly, it can demonstrate the competence that comes from successfully navigating a creative challenge. Before you begin preparation on a scene that requires one of your actors to strip down, ask yourself if such a scene is absolutely necessary for your film. It can be easy to write a nude scene into a script or treatment, but actually making it happen can complicate the process of casting, shooting, and screening your film. Consider possible alternatives, and whether or not a lack of nudity and on-screen sex would have a negative impact on your film. The first step to working successfully with actors for scenes that include nudity or sexual content is to make your intentions clear from the very beginning.

Nude Scenes

Looking for a young actress to play a princess and future queen. Looks like Jessica Lowe was cast as Bambi in Minx. The original casting call for this role mentioned that topless nudity was required. Mare of Easttown premieres on Sunday.
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