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To contribute to address the issue, FoN and partners under the SFMP project, rolled out a behavior change communication campaign and worked with stakeholders to build local community networks of advocates, including strengthened capacity of local government agencies and media on addressing Child Labour and Trafficking CLaT issues in the Central region. S Government USG. The training deployed the use of discussions, brainstorming and demonstrations to deliver lessons on CLaT prevention, experience and information sharing. The assessment is based on document review as well as qualitative data collection focus groups and key informant interviews conducted in June Comparing the achievements in relation to the timeframe 3 years , it is clear that the project has been successful in moving the needle on gender mainstreaming. This document provides a summary of results achieved from successful practices and experiences in terms of climate change adaptation in the fisheries and aquaculture sector in Senegal.


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The Lost Army of Cambyses. Persian king Cambyses invaded Egypt in 525 BC, overthrowing Egyptian pharaoh Psamtek III and signalling the beginning of Persian rule for the next 193 years. This success, however, did not continue. In the years immediately following his conquest of Egypt, Cambyses mounted several disastrous offensives. In one, he sent a mercenary army down the Nile into Kush (now Sudan) that was so undersupplied it had to turn to cannibalism to survive, and the soldiers returned in disgrace without even encountering the enemy.