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Subscriber Account active since. This is a list of 15 of the most-talented teenagers in world sport, who are already making headlines of their own despite their young age. We've got first draft picks in American sports, a year-old tennis sensation, and four of the most exciting up-and-coming players in world soccer. Year to date : Ethiopian runner Samuel Tefara set a world indoor record with a 1, meter time of 3 minutes,

How to Help a Teen Athlete Deal With Sports Pressure

A Guide to Eating for Sports (for Teens) - Nemours KidsHealth

When Isabella started playing lacrosse in the first grade, she would wake up before sunrise and count the minutes until she could hop the chain-link fence that separated her house from the field where her team practiced. Her deftness with a lacrosse stick made her an early standout, and she soon gave up basketball and soccer to focus on the sport. By the time Isabella was a high-school sophomore, she had already been recruited by an elite, Division I college and was signing autographs in her lacrosse-obsessed hometown. But during the summer before her junior year, Isabella pivoted awkwardly during a game and fell to the ground in pain. She had torn her ACL. While her teammates competed in tournaments, she worried about falling behind in the sport.

A Guide to Eating for Sports

Eating protein does not automatically translate into huge muscles. Rather, muscle protein synthesis MPS is a very complex process that requires sufficient calories and protein, along with two very key hormones produced in the body: human growth hormone and testosterone. Furthermore, muscle protein synthesis requires mechanical tension, muscle damage, and metabolic stress. To further enhance MPS, you must consider protein and calorie timing, protein type, and carbohydrates. Consuming dietary amino acids, specifically branched chain amino acids like leucine, around resistance training helps to enhance MPS.
Sports have a host of benefits for teens. Research looking at thousands of teen athletes around America has produced some slightly unsettling correlations. This data shows that while high school athletes are at higher risk of performing better in several positive factors such as physical health, academic performance, and more , they are at higher risk for certain negative behaviors as well.