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This booklet is written for teenage girls who have been sexually abused. You are not alone. One in four girls and one in six boys has been sexually abused by the time they are eighteen. One way of looking at these numbers is to imagine a classroom of twenty teenagers.

Teen Sexual Assault: Information for Teens

Warning Signs for Teens | RAINN

We have life experience, we have perspective, and we have a fully developed prefrontal cortex that enables us to use reason, control our emotions, and process disturbing information and the associated emotions. Nor are we figuring out how to fit in with a new social group. In fact, statistics show that sixty-three percent of sexual assaults go unreported. Every form of abuse has long-term, negative consequences for the victim. The external signs of abuse may fade, but the internal effects persist long after the abuse stops.

When Teenage Girls Have Been Sexually Abused: A Guide for Teenagers

It can include touching, kissing, and vaginal, oral or anal penetration. Sexual assault can happen between two people who are in a romantic relationship. It can also happen between friends, family members, acquaintances or strangers. Sometimes more than one person at a time commits sexual assault. And everyone who has experienced sexual assault needs help and support for their physical, psychological and social wellbeing.
If you are involved in the lives of adolescents, you can learn to recognize warning signs that a teen has been sexually assaulted or abused. Some of the warning signs that a teen has been sexually assaulted or abused can easily blend in with the everyday struggles teens face as they learn how to relate to their bodies, peers, and environments. Remind the teen that if they come to you, you will believe them—and that if something happened, it is not their fault. It can be challenging for teens, who are new to dating, to recognize that sexual assault and abuse may be part of an abusive relationship.