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Beautiful brunette hair can come in all shapes and sizes. Chocolate colored strands are perfect for creating a sleek style, emphasizing a cut with some texture, or twisting into a sexy updo. You can also achieve some of the hot coloring trends like beautiful multicolored lollipop or mermaid locks with darker tresses if you enlist the help of a professional at your local salon. This season, there are dozens of ways to style brown hair.

50 Must-See Brown Hair Color Ideas for Women Who Want to Go Brunette

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These babes have gorgeous and shiny dark hair that only enhances their good looks. Varying between jet black, light brown, and anywhere in between these famous women have the bone structure to be among the most alluring celebrities of all time even with the darkest hair around. For some of these celebrities, brunette hair is the norm. Others who made this list dyed their hair brunette for a role and, for at least a small part of their career in Hollywood, looked great while it lasted. Few can forget when Katie Holmes cut her hair into a stylish bob while keeping the same jet black color she's known for.

23 Hottest Brown Hair Color Ideas: Perfect Examples of Brunette Hair

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Or in case you are a proud owner of a dark chocolate mane, after looking through these awesome ideas for a makeover, you will absolutely want to kick it up a notch. Spark some color with highlights, look glam with balayage or feel cute and cozy with ashy mushroom brown hair. Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights. So subtle and sweet, this easy to maintain style will effortlessly breathe some life into your hair. Style it with chunky curls for a truly sultry feel.