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James was a carpenter and a damn good one. He had been the shop foreman in a custom door and cabinet factory for seventeen years. Then came the housing crash of He watched his seniority, benefits, and retirement all go down the drain along with the economy. He was still bitter about the factory closing and because of his resentment he had struggled to keep work in the years since. He had only been able to find entry level odd jobs since the factories closing and he was dissatisfied with the jobs and people he worked with.

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Right after my wife died, my oldest daughter, Annie, who was thirteen at the time, came and climbed into my bed one night and gave me the surprise of my life. Since I' gonna go out and get it done to me pretty soon anyway, I thought that I should just take Mama's place in your bed. I was too stunned to say anything, and before I could react, she had pulled off her nightgown and was snuggling her naked little body up against me. My body, or should I say one particular part of my body, betrayed me completely, and before I knew it I was on top of my little girl pounding my prick into her cunt. The bloody mess on the sheets between her legs sort of scared me, but she told me that I hadn't really hurt her that bad and that after I really got going filling her little belly with my hot cock meat that she really loved it. Read story. Neat Stories The neatest of sex stories around.

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A father's initial molesting of his twelve year old daughter, creates a watershed moment, setting them both on a journey of sexual discovery and romantic love for each other. You want Daddy to be happy don't you sugar? You love me don't you? I held her tight to my chest while she sobbed on my shoulder. Just trust me honey, can you do that?
My wife passed a little over a year ago, and it would be an understatement to say I've been struggling since. She left me in sole charge of our teenage daughter and I wasn't really equipped to be a single parent. I started counselling six months ago and things started to improve, but I still had real trouble sleeping. I would lie awake all night thinking of my wife and even when I did sleep Read On.