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While it may be perfectly normal and healthy for teenagers to develop curiosity in their sexuality, changing times have brought with them alarming statistics addressing teens hooked on pornography. Thanks or no thanks to the internet and cable television, there is a huge collection of pornographic images available for unrestricted viewing by adults as well as teenagers. In the past, young people could not easily access pornographic materials unless they went an extra mile to scavenge from trash or access hidden adult collections. Even children armed with only rudimentary computer skills can unlock the floodgates to a barrage of X-rated images.

Dangers of Pornography: Internet Porn is Bad for Teens

The Danger of Teens Watching Pornography - Troubled Teens

Those numbers jump up toward the end of adolescence. There are plenty of reasons to watch pornography or view pornographic images. It feels good. Sure, sex — in terms of evolution — is for making babies. Sex is also a way to express love, experience intimacy, and mark the passage from adolescence to adulthood. Sex also has different meanings in different religions, mostly related to marriage. Porn education often fails in this country for a reason similar to why sex education often fails.

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Talking about pornography is one of the best ways to protect your child from the potential influence of pornography. You could start a conversation by talking about something you and your child have seen in a movie, TV show, YouTube video and so on. Or you could ask your child some questions. For example:.
These days, teenagers can access explicit pornography with just a click or two on any internet-enabled device, including a phone. Your Teen asked psychologist Dr. Anything connected to sex, even legitimate educational content , can send one down the online pornography path. Crenshaw: Yes, internet pornography is bad for teens.