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By Eleri Crossland. From the age of twelve, I can remember how terrified I felt at the prospect of being seen in public without makeup. Although today I have managed to overcome these fears and feel much happier seeing increased representation of female celebrities with body hair in mainstream media outlets, I cannot turn a blind eye to the ongoing identity misconceptions and anxieties as pertaining to personal grooming, beauty and self-presentation, deeply rooted in misogyny, racism and homophobia, which no doubt continue to shape the experiences of young people growing up today. Such mean comments from female peers not only serve to highlight the sad reality of young female internalisation of such gendered physical standards, but also demonstrate the necessity for female solidarity in deconstructing such values.

I Chatted with the Dirty Girls, 17 Years Later

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Dirty Girls

Garance, a liberated woman, entertains several aquaintenances in Paris, the City of Love; while Monique, also liberated, has similar experiences in Munich. Several film reviews of The Dirty Girls have been favorable with one reviewer noting that the film has a certain amount of "camp value". According to one film reviewer , Radley Metzger's films, including those made during the Golden Age of Porn — , are noted for their "lavish design, witty screenplays , and a penchant for the unusual camera angle ".
Earlier this week, a video called "Dirty Girls" went viral on YouTube—and not for the reasons you'd expect, given the title. The documentary video, originally shot in by filmmaker and then high school senior Michael Lucid, was released in and chronicles a group of outcasts, refered to by their tormentors as the "Dirty Girls," who pride themselves on riot grrrl ethos, being different, and just not giving a fuck. The video focuses on the two leaders of the Dirty Girls, sisters Amber and Harper, who speak clearly and eloquently as eloquently as an eighth grader can be expected to about their convictions, while girls in sunglasses and jean jackets talk smack about them behind their backs.