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His works explore the relationship between artistic expression, advertising , and celebrity culture that flourished by the s, and span a variety of media, including painting, silkscreening , photography, film, and sculpture. Some of his best known works include the silkscreen paintings Campbell's Soup Cans and Marilyn Diptych , the experimental films Empire and Chelsea Girls , and the multimedia events known as the Exploding Plastic Inevitable — Born and raised in Pittsburgh , Warhol initially pursued a successful career as a commercial illustrator. After exhibiting his work in several galleries in the late s, he began to receive recognition as an influential and controversial artist.

Andy Warhol

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Disturbing Movies This short 89 minute horror show takes place on a secluded family farm. Published on January 27, We bleach out cliches with strong graphic narratives, alternative thinking and dark underground energy. If A Quiet Place messed you up, you should watch this. The film is stocked with graphic, disturbing scenes of the type never seen before in a war movie.
Remember Me. On the occasion of beuys It is a hybrid of film and theater production, whose stage setting can also be understood as an spatial installation. The production is to be understood as a satire on the art world of the noughties in Germany, torn between politics and art, authenticity, staging and lies, morality and power. The screening takes place every Sunday at p.