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No data available. Links to original NSFW pictures and videos of couples sharing their sexy and intimate moments. Hey everyone. Over the past year this sub has grown a tremendous amount. While seeing so many new members contribute is wonderful, unfortunately means more issues that pop up. A place to show off how sexy your wife is.

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UPDATE: Woman Gets Revenge On Husband Who Detailed Her Sex Excuses On HUGE Spreadsheet - Heart

A woman has finally got revenge on her sex-starved husband who decided to keep a detailed spreadsheet which tracked her ridiculous and hilarious sex refusals. Now the turntables have turned as she claims his farting and snoring were the real reasons behind their lack of bedroom action. Whether it's fatigue or that ever-faithful headache excuse, we've all fabricated reasons to avoid being intimate with our partners. Turning the tables on her husband, the hilarious parody written by TheFunnySister. The post reads: "Got into bed after a good workout and was totally in the mood. But he farted and Dutch-ovened me. I told him it was gross.


At first it was easy for me to point every single finger and toe at my husband for obliterating our year marriage. Thanks for the A2A. After Reddit user BinanaSplat apparently discovered his girlfriend cheating, he decided to surprise her over dinner with a card addressed to 'Schmoopsie Poo' with an angry message and her house.
They love his money. Have been to Thailand once. Totally hated the place, superficial niceness I was a walking ATM in their eyes. Go to Sicily if you want to meet genuine and friendly people. Men who marry Thai women are out of their minds.