Hot love scenes from romantic movies

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You know how some people like to say "love scene" as a euphemism when they're talking about a hot, steamy, sex scene? If the phrase "love scene" actually makes you roll your eyes or cringe a little, hear us out, because sometimes it's actually the most appropriate pair of words in the world to describe what plays out on our screens. Yes, sometimes sex scenes are pure, carnal expressions of lust, but some of the best sex scenes in cinema history are actually tender, sensual, and—dare we even say it—romantic. If you're in the mood for movies that showcase the art of making love in the all-caps, L-O-V-E sense of the word, then your Google sleuthing has led you to precisely the right place. We've dug deep into the annals of pop culture for examples of movies that truly illustrate the difference between "having sex" and "making love. From obvious old school love stories like Dirty Dancing and From Here to Eternity to modern classics like Titanic and The Notebook with even a few under-the-radar but still eternally worthy indie picks thrown into the mix, we've compiled a definitive guide to movies with romantic AF no pun intended , but still insanely hot sex scenes.

36 Movies With Romantic Sex Scenes That Will Make You Believe in Love

36 Movies With Romantic Sex Scenes | Sexy Romance Scenes

Romantic Movies can have a sexy shower scene, a pure, carnal expression of lust. If you are in the mood for movies that showcase the art of making love then you are precisely in the right place. Scroll down and Enjoy. I wrote to you every day for a year. A little nostalgic with the films played by Brad Pritt and Angelina Jolie. Smith, especially in the scene in which married rival spies Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie destroy their damn house fighting and making love. Swank won an Oscar for her portrayal of Brandon Teena, transgender man murdered in Nebraska in


Ever get in the mood to watch a really romantic movie that will both turn you on and make you cry? And while strictly sexy movie scenes are prime entertainment as is, steamy ones with a romantic element to them are on a separate level. The extra layer of feels gives you more to work with emotionally and sexually.
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