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Another day, another viral TikTok trend , but unlike challenges that see participants eating food coloring or super-gluing their lips, this one requires a partner — namely, your partner. Dubbed the "Naked Challenge," the prank sees people sneaking up on their partners in the nude. But don't get too excited. Name aside, the premise isn't actually as X-rated as you'd initially think, as there's no actual nudity thanks to the trend being more about capturing funny facial reactions. According to Know Your Meme , the Naked Challenge first went viral at the end of March thanks to a TikTok user named lindseybear1 , who decided to interrupt her boyfriend's Call of Duty game to amusing results. Since then, many other couples in self-isolation have given the trend a shot.

The 'Naked Challenge' Has Taken Over TikTok

The "Naked Challenge" Has Taken Over TikTok - PAPER

Now one of the most popular platforms on the planet, TikTok is the place to be for millions across the globe. There are different kinds of content on the platform and it keeps growing by the day. One of the most interesting things that get people attracted to TikTok is its series of Sexy TikTok videos. Nude TikTok videos and hot clips are all over the platform and many find them truly fun and entertaining. It seems when you are on the platform, there is never a shortage of TikTok hot videos. A way by which TikTok always seems to be full of racy Nude TikTok clips is to have challenges from time to time. This challenge went super viral and it got a lot of tongues wagging.

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