Naruto shadow clone lemon fanfic

Duration: 10min 35sec Views: 1369 Submitted: 27.02.2021
Category: Step Fantasy
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Just a one shot

Kage Bunshin | Shadow Clones - Works | Archive of Our Own

Disclaimer: Naruto and all its characters are the sole property of Masashi Kishimoto , not me. I am just a person of questionable sanity who likes to write dirty stories about them. Naruto was twelve when he learned kage bunshin. It started had out innocent enough, a simple visual aid for him to jerk off to. The thing about clones, though, is that they shared the same personalities, thought patterns, and physical ailments as their creator. Fingers of one hand danced lightly across her chest as the other set rubbed a circular pattern between her legs.

Oh well. Check it out! Click on the links in my profile for the un edited version.
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