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While they say gay men are easy to spot, female sexuality is more of a challenge. You may not have had a full on encounter with a girl, but do you sometimes question why you feel that sudden pull towards the same gender? Women tend to be more emotional, more romantic, and also more attached to fellow women by nature. It is difficult to know where the lines of friendship and attraction blur out. There are some stereotypes associated with girls who prefer girls over guys, but how true are they?

Just For Girls - Are You A Lesbian?

~How lesbian are you?~ (For Girls) - Take the Quiz

Generally, people say that all women are bisexual by birth, and they cannot be completely straight. Do you agree with the majority? Or do you want to figure yet, where you stand? This quiz can give you a more sense of clarity if you haven't yet.

Are You A Lesbian? (Girls Only)

Please leave empty:. No, not really. I do, it's just not that strong.
Please leave empty:. Yes, but only to certain ones. No, not really. I have never even come close to being attracted to women. Yes, all the time.