Sasha grey is back

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A lot of us know Sasha Grey as the infamous pornstar from to who earned her name in the industry by doing anything conceivable in pornography. She has participated in numerous sexual acts ranging from hardcore to even disgraceful on some spectrums. At least now, this is all behind her now as she is pursuing a different career that does not involve sexual acts. Instagram seems to be a lot more civilized. There, wholesome comments far outnumbered and outranked the lewd ones.

James Deen: Sasha Grey's Is 'The Name That Is Not Said In This Business'

James Deen: Sasha Grey's Is 'The Name That Is Not Said In This Business' | HuffPost

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James Deen Says Sasha Grey Has A Bad Reputation In The Porn Industry

Marina Ann Hantzis , known professionally as Sasha Grey , [1] is an American actress, model, writer, musician, and former pornographic actress. After her feature film debut as the lead in Steven Soderbergh 's The Girlfriend Experience , she starred in independent films including Open Windows , the Canadian black comedy horror film Smash Cut and the horror film Would You Rather. In , she played a fictionalized version of herself in the HBO comedy-drama series Entourage. Grey was a co-founder, singer, and writer of aTelecine , [6] an industrial music band. Grey was born in North Highlands, California , into a working-class family.
James Deen and Sasha Grey have two things in common: They've both been porn stars and have done at least one non-porn movie. But that's apparently where the similarities end. In a new Vulture interview off his promotional run for "The Canyons," in which Deen stars opposite Lindsay Lohan, the porn star reveals that Grey is sort of the Voldemort of the porn industry. The reality is that she was 18 when she started doing porn and between 18 and 23 her goals changed, and she wants to do different things now. Grey has left pornography and seemingly severed all ties with the industry, while Deen has been adamant that his "Canyons" role is in no way an attempt to quit getting paid to have sex on camera he even told Vulture that he still enjoys working seven days a week.