Sex scene from history of violence

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Cronenberg's dedication to his art is impressive, but of course the entire story, quotes and all, was apocryphal. I checked. Even so, it is a testament to his vision as well as his film's visceral intensity that this fabrication didn't seem totally off the wall. As the mad genius behind freakouts like "Videodrome" and "Naked Lunch," dispatches from the id laden with protuberances, gasping orifices and all manner of goo, Mr. Cronenberg has fashioned some of the more squirmingly repellent sexualized imagery in cinema.

A History of Violence (2005)

A History of Violence….sort of – Offscreen

Sign In. Edit A History of Violence Showing all 32 items. During an interview, Viggo Mortensen stated that during the shooting of the first bar scene with Ed Harris he could not stop laughing, and as a result, the scene had to be re-shot several times. Due to Viggo Mortensen's behavior, Ed Harris completed the scene without pants; he only wore his underwear, yet this cannot be seen as the bar table impedes our view. Thus, Viggo Mortensen had to act seriously while Ed Harris was not wearing any pants, and this is the scene that is used in the movie.


A few generalities can be made about this concurrence. I would not go as far as saying that these directors are treading artistic water, but that none of the films represent a major breakthrough in terms of style or theme for the respective director. With Broken Flowers Jim Jarmusch delivers a spruced up with bigger name cast version of his usual deadpan humor and stately visual style. Like Johnston, the experience bears little fruit.
Marriage can do terrible damage to the libido for the less imaginative of couples. The humdrum of life subtly taking over, missionary being the only option on the menu, or perhaps the kinkier of couples introducing a new friend, rubber or otherwise to their sex play. Forget your two position sexcapade, or schoolgirl fantasy. All you need here is a significant other with a checkered past and there you have it: sex just got interesting. We have two very contrasting sex scenes in this film.