Star trek enterprise sex scene

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Nudity refers to the state of not wearing any clothes. Most sentient species remove their garments to become naked when they have sexual relations. TNG : " Justice ". Kirk nude onto an android duplicator to aid Dr. The purpose of this ploy was to further Korby's plan to populate the universe with other androids.

Jolene Blalock - Star Trek Enterprise

Top 10 Sexiest Star Trek Moments – Women at Warp

Sign In. Showing all 11 items. This episode contains the first Star Trek female nude scene presented in a sexual context. Numerous episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation showed or implied nudity, but in strictly non-sexual contexts e. This episode aired in the United States on 11 February during the height of controversy over Janet Jackson exposing a breast during the Super Bowl halftime show, on a network owned by CBS which was taking heat for the incident. As a result, the scene in which T'Pol's rear end is exposed was censored.

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More Girls. Jolene Blalock dropping out of a silver robe as we see partial rear nudity from behind. From tar Trek: Enterprise.
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