Witcher 3 iron maiden

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Iron Maiden

How to get the Iron Maiden quest in Witcher 3 - Quora

Is a Skellige side quest with suggested level You can pick this quest up from Jutta. She is directly east of Harviken. After talking to Jutta, she wants Geralt to find a sword from a sunken ship, and then she will challenge him to a fight. Head west from Harviken towards the map marker.

Iron Maiden Walkthrough | The Witcher 3

East of Harviken , on the top of a hill, you'll see a laid out ring in which a woman fights and knocks out her opponent before demanding if there's really no one that can best her. Approach and she'll reveal herself as Jutta an Dimun. However, she won't fight a nobody and thus asks Geralt to perform a worthy feat to fight her and will give one of the following tasks:. If you already completed the given task or defeated Olaf, she'll acknowledge Geralt as a worthy opponent and fight him on the spot.
To start this quest, go to Faroe Island and talk to Jutta , who you will find in the arena on the hill. She claims that no one can defeat her in a swordfight. To confront her you will first have to prove to her that you are worthy.